• High Schools and Secondary Educational Institutions we've worked with:

    • Missouri Virtual Instructions Program (MOVIP)
    • Grain Valley High School
    • Clinton High School
    • Pleasant Hill High School

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Our Philosophy

The strategy for our competency-based ACT Prep Course is to specifically target areas of weaknesses.

We help you navigate the ocean of information that you need to know for your exam by giving you a road map. Our teachers take the subject areas of Math and English and modularize it for you. This allows you to focus your efforts on those areas that you're weakest in, rather than making the mistake of trying to study everything.

Our technology tracks your knowledge base, gives you access to the course from anywhere, and helps you personalize your review process in a way that makes sense to you. It's time to study smarter and not longer!

Why SE Webinar?

Our ACT Prep Course has been been developed by experienced teachers and administrators.

The content for our course has been carefully developed by our teachers and administrators with decades of educational experience. Every member of our educational team has an education level of a Master's degrees or higher. That's because we believe that a good prep course begins with qualified instructors.

A comprehensive ACT Prep Course using the latest technology to produce the most efficient method of review for the ACT exam.